Best Practices in Web Design

March 15, 2013 in News/Updates

As many of you are beginning the initial layout stages of your sites (digital wire frames), it would be smart to review example sites (remember the question on your planning sheet) that you visit frequently to get some inspiration and to also view the site from a design point of view. What design items stand out to you? What do you like about the site design wise? Colors? Fonts? General layout?

There are certain design guidelines considered “best practices” among the web design community. As you make your design choices, you should be fully aware of these, and more specifically, what you should and should not do from a design standpoint. Take the time, and visit the following sites that cover these concepts pretty thoroughly (look at the examples), and be sure to consider them when beginning your layout work.

-Current Style in Modern Web Design

-Web Design Best Practices Checklist

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