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May 31, 2013 in News/Updates

Another year has come to an end. For some of you in these classes, this is a welcomed relief. For others, maybe you will miss the class, the projects, or maybe just being with friends. I’m hoping I will see some of you next year or in future years in one of my other higher elective courses:

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-Digital Design II

-*NEW* 6055 (CIT112) Introduction to Gaming and Simulation

-*NEW* 6060 (BIM100) Interactive Media in the Digital Age

As our time together draws to a close, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your opinions matter. Your feedback matters. The very projects you completed this semester were born out of suggestions and feedback from your peers that passed through before you. Just like them, your feedback will also have an impact on future students taking my courses. Because, frankly, you (the students) are on the receiving end of every aspect of these classes, and I’m sure there are things you like, things you didn’t like, things I did as an instructor you didn’t like, and maybe…hopefully, things I did as an instructor that you liked. Here’s your chance to let me know how I did…and let me know what you thought about the course in general.

Remember…this is completely anonymous, so BE HONEST!


In conclusion, I would like everyone to complete the end of the year evaluation/survey found here.


Enjoy your summer everyone!

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