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Daily Tips
– 9.16.11Changing Display Increments in Illustrator-From Pixels to Inches…and Back The Other Way.

9.21.11-Transitioning from curves to straight lines -An Easier Alternative to Pen Tool Curve/Straight Line Transitions.

10.5.11-Eye contours for your vector portrait – Using the Pathfinder panel to trim around the eyes.

10.5.11-Coloring your vector portrait – A look at the “skintones” swatch and adding color to your vector portrait.

10.6.11-Installing Brushes In Illustrator – Expanding your options with the Pen Tool and more.

10.7.11-Adding shadow detail to your vector portrait – Using gradients to create depth.

10.7.11Adding shadow detail to your vector portrait (continued).

10.11.11-Adding Eyebrows to your vector portrait – Using custom brushes for the added touch.

10.11.11-Adding brush strokes to create hair effect – Using custom brushes to add hair detail.

10.13.11Ai to workflow (Part 1) – Exporting Illustrator files to Photoshop.

10.13.11Project enhancements using Adobe Camera Raw – Make your colors more vibrant for printing.

10.18.11Skewing Text in Adobe Illustrator – Creating Outlines for More Options.

10.21.11Getting started with your typography poster – Document setup and tracing.

10.21.11Tips for choosing a font – Help getting started with the typography poster.

10.21.11-Placing text into typography poster.

10.21.11-Shortcut for placing text-Arrange your text ahead of time…you will save some time.

11.2.11-Exporting your full artboard-One extra option to remember to ensure you export the exact size of your artboard.

11.4.11-Installing Custom Fonts

1.4.12Creating a new document profile-Use this for creating your custom brush template.

1.4.12Creating custom brushes in Illustrator

1.4.12Saving custom brush libraries in Illustrator

1.5.12Using the line, arc, spiral, and polar grid tools in conjunction with the distortion tools to create custom brushes.

1.6.12Submitting brush files for grading

1.11.12Logotype Revision Tips – Achieving contrast while maintaining simplicity.

1.12.12Creating reflections in Illustrator

1.20.12Optimizing files for print-Cropping and adjusting resolution (Pt.1 of the series)

1.20.12Optimizing files for print-Setting black point, white point, and middle gray (Pt.2 of the series)

1.20.12Optimizing files for print-Setting Input/Output tones (Pt.3 of the series)

1.24.12 – Creating a custom brush template in Photoshop.

1.24.12Exploring the brush panel – Customize your brushes!

1.24.12Creating custom PS brushes in Illustrator – Lots of creative options here.

1.24.12Creating custom PS brushes from images.

2.2.12 Saving brush presets/Appending Lists – All you need to know to keep those brushes organized.


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