DDII-Illustration Reflections, Blog Posts, and Updating Your Portfolio

December 10, 2012 in News/Updates

By now, you should be on your way to finishing up your second major illustration. Hopefully, you’ve already created and setup your blog/personal portfolio. If you haven’t remember, to watch the WordPress tutorials on the tutorials page.

It’s time to start publishing content to our portfolios which we will be doing for the remainder of the year. The goal (as discussed in class) is to establish a working portfolio you can take with you to present to colleges, employers, or to simply show off to family or friends. At this point, you need to upload web-resized versions of ALL of your projects you’ve completed to date to the appropriate pages you should have created at this point. EACH PHOTO SHOULD HAVE A CAPTION!

In addition, you will be making your first post to your blog (not the same as a page) in the form of a reflection of your recently completed illustration. This reflection should be two-three paragraphs in length (3-4 sentences per paragraph), and should address the following:

-Do you feel this illustration shows improvement from your previous illustration? Why or why not?

-What was the biggest challenge you faced in completing this project? What did you do to address it?

-What changes would you make to the actual project/requirements if any?

-What do you plan to take away from this (skills, techniques, tools in the software, etc.) project that you can apply to future projects?


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