Daily Tip Videos

-Illustrator CS4 & Photoshop CS4 Tutorials (a work in progress)

Illustrator CS4 Tutorials

-The Toolbar


-Blob Brush (Powerful drawing tool…shape combinations are endless)

-Blob Brush Pt.2

-Live Paint (Excellent tool for creating overlapping graphics and complex intersections)

-Gradient Mesh Tool (Create complex lighting/shading effects) | Additional Video

-Type Tool & It’s Variations
-Type Tool Intro

-Area Type Tool

-Type on a Path Tool

-Vertical Type Tool

-Vertical Type on a Path Tool

-The Pen Tool

-Pen Tool Intro

-Creating Curves

-Combining Curves & Straight Lines

-Other Tools/Features

-Intro to Illustrator Panels

-Switching Screen Views

-Tool Options

-Locking Objects

-Photoshop CS4 Tutorials

-The Toolbar

-Elliptical Marque Selection Tool

-Magic Wand Tool

-Quick Mask Tool

-Photography Based Tutorials

-Resizing Digital Prints


-Wordpress Tutorials

-Getting Started-Account Signup

-Getting Started-Creating Pages

-Managing Themes/Appearance

-Managing Themes/Appearance Pt.2 (UPDATE:WATCH THIS)


-Inserting Images Into Posts

-Adding a Custom Header






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