Welcome Back…Change Should Be Welcomed.

January 22, 2013 in News/Updates

Welcome to the second semester. This course is going to be changing and evolving over the course of the next few weeks, just as you are hopefully changing and evolving in your design work.

To start everything off, now that everyone has had a chance to try out WordPress, create a basic site, and create simple posts, we will be incorporating our blogs/sites more throughout the remainder of the year. You will be evaluated on the content you post as well as ensuring you are keeping your working portfolio up to date.

As I stated above, we’re going to be moving toward further customization of our software to further enhance our creativity. Many of you are stepping up your design work, and showing marked improvement (keep it up). We’re going to start out with brush customization and creation (first in Illustrator, and then move on to Photoshop). I’ve created a series of videos to help you along (also found in the Daily Tips section. You need to watch these videos in order:



Third->Then Watch This For Submitting Your Files

Fourth-Added this video on creating brushes using more than just the line segment tool (new tools are introduced, so watch carefully).

**IMPORTANT**Then, I want each of you to create 10 custom brushes, save them to the library, and then post them to your blog under a NEW PAGE titled “Resources.”

More to come…




Here’s to an even better 2nd half!


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